Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Getting excited

I'm getting really close to launching my ISV project! I actually registered a domain to hold my product offerings. The website is I doodled a little bit with the template tool that my host provided and put in some sample text.

Note that this isn't the final site by any means, I just felt like playing.

My experience with 1 and 1 as a hoster has been mixed. Their MS Developer package at $19.95 a month is pretty reasonable. Domain registration etc is a snap and their admin tools for email etc are pretty easy to use.

Their SQL Server tool needs work though. I found that it only takes imports/conversions via MS-Access, and I haven't seen a listing for stored procedures in the admin tool at all. I ran a create script in an attempt to push one into the background, but it didn't seem to work. This is pretty annoying since I favor webforms calling classes calling stored procs. I'll probably end up moving the sql into the classes.

On the bright side, I think Easy Assets .NET will be ready for demo by the end of the holiday weekend. I have a google ad-word campaign set up and ready to fire as soon as my website is completed.

For the first time now I can see the finish line!


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